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Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seeds

We carry a large variety of heirloom, non-gmo seeds for all types of growing; Vegetable Garden, Herbs, Sprouting, Microgreens, Grains, and more.

Heirloom seeds come from open pollinated plants that pass on similar traits to each succesive generation. Every type of seed in this category fits that heirloom definition. You really know what to expect each time with these seeds.

Think of heirloom seeds (sometimes called heritage seeds) as the seeds your grandparent grew, ones that maintained the same characteristics after several generations of growing and harvesting. In our seed line, we use the term heirloom for open pollinated seed strains that have remained consistent for at least 30 years. All our seeds are non-gmo, and are great for gardens. Buy Heirloom Seeds Online.

Legend: H for Heirloom, O for Organic, A for AAS Winner, F for staff favorites