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Hydroponic Growing

Hydroponic Growing Supplies

Growing hydroponically can be easier than you might think, and we provide all the hydroponic grow supplies you need to begin.

Legend: H for Heirloom, O for Organic, A for AAS Winner, F for staff favorites
10" x 20" Growing Trays WITHOUT Holes for growing Wheatgrass and Microgreens
1010 Grow Trays without drain holes1010 with drain holes nested in a 1010 drip tray
10"x10" Growing Trays WITH Drain Holes -10101010 with holes nested in a drip tray
Micro-Mats Hydroponic Grow Pads 10 PackMicro-Mats Hydroponic Grow Pads for soil free growing
1020 Grow Tray Clear humidity domeclose up - clear humidity dome
Micro-Mats Hydroponic Grow Pads 5"x 5"Micro-Mats Hydroponic Grow Pads in action
pH Test StripspH Test Strips
close up bamboo hydroponic microshydroponic bamboo underneath
22"x11" Perma-Nest Planting Trays Tan22"x11" Perma-Nest Planting Trays White
stainless steel aquaponic Microgreens KitStainless steel aquaponic Kit Grown Micro Greens
Micro Mat - Hydroponic Grow Pad - Punnet FannedMicro Mat - Hydroponic Grow Pad - Punnet Pack