The 9th Annual Ginormous Pumpkin Regatta was a Ginormous Success!

2019 Winner Luke Zander rowing 507lb. "Green Machine"

Luke Zander in his prize winning ginormous pumpkin.

The 8th Annual Ginormous Pumpkin Regatta was a Ginormous Success!

Check out Trump's response to last year's regatta winner!

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Travis Evans - 2018 Winner

  • Pumpkin Name: "DJ"
  • Weight: 737 lbs
  • Jim Seamons - 2017 Winner

  • Pumpkin Name: "Perdy"
  • Weight: 550 lbs
  • Robb Baumann aka Hillary Clinton - 2016 Winner

  • Pumpkin Name: "The SS Pantsuit"
  • Weight: 429 lbs
  • Travis Evans - 2015 Winner

  • Pumpkin Name: Rowing "Reggie"
  • Weight: 872 lbs
  • Charles Clark - 2014 Winner

  • Pumpkin Name: The Good Ship Loose
  • Weight: 444 lbs
  • Kyle Fox - 2013 Winner

  • Pumpkin Name: Baby's Baby
  • Weight: 943.5 lbs
  • Ross Bowman - 2012 Winner

  • Pumpkin Name: Brigham City Flash
  • Weight: 1103.5 lbs
  • Andrew Israelson - 2011 Winner

  • Pumpkin Name: Dominator
  • Weight: 1182 lbs
  • Photos from our 3rd and 2nd Annual Regatta are available here. Download your full high resolution photo by clicking on the thumbnail and clicking the download icon on the top right.

    2013 Ginormous Pumpkin Photo Shoot
    2012 Ginormous Pumpkin Photo Shoot
    2013 Ginormous Pumpkin Media Photos

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