The Annual Ginormous Pumpkin Regatta

The Annual Ginormous Pumpkin Regatta

Each October, True Leaf Market proudly co-sponsors the Annual Giant Pumpkin Regatta along with co-sponsors: Daybreak Community, Hee Haw Farms, and the Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers Association. The event is attended each year by thousands of people with more attending every year. Come and enjoy food trucks, games, pumpkin carving and of course the giant pumpkin races! More Event details can be found here ->

The 12th Annual Ginormous Pumpkin Regatta

Saturday October TBD, 2023 - From 9AM - 12PM

Oquirrh Lake, South Jordan, UT


Pumpkin Regatta Hall of Fame

2022 Winner - Jett Johnson

Pumpkin Name: The Great Pumpcitron 431 lbs
2022 Winner

2021 Winner - Bryce Olsen

Pumpkin Name: Seedless in Seattle Weight: 623 lbs
2021 Winner

2020 Winner - Covid

Pumpkin Name: The Coronavirus Weight: 19 lbs
2020 Winner

2019 Winner - Luke Zander

Pumpkin Name: Green Machine Weight: 507 lbs
2019 Winner

2018 Winner - Travis Evans

Pumpkin Name: DJ Weight: 737 lbs
2018 Winner

2017 Winner - Jim Seamons

Pumpkin Name: Perdy Weight: 550 lbs
2017 Winner

2016 Winner - Robb Baumann aka Hillary Clinton

Pumpkin Name: The SS Pantsuit Weight: 429 lbs
2016 Winner

2015 Winner - Travis Evans

Pumpkin Name: Rowing Reggie Weight: 872 lbs
2015 Winner

2014 Winner - Charles Clark

Pumpkin Name: The Good Ship Loose Weight: 444 lbs
2014 Winner

2013 Winner - Kyle Fox

Pumpkin Name: Baby"s Baby Weight: 943.5 lbs
2013 Winner

2012 Winner - Ross Bowman

Pumpkin Name: Brigham City Flash Weight: 1103.5 lbs
2012 Winner

2011 Winner - Andrew Isreal Ison

Pumpkin Name: Dominator Weight: 1182 lbs
2011 Winner