Bulk & Wholesale Seeds - Seed Packet Fulfillment & Co-Packing

True leaf market wholesale seeds. we offer two tiers of pricing: mini-bulk and pallet quantity.

  • Mini Bulk Seeds - These are sizes up to 25 lb. and these are already priced with discounts based on weights from the smallest size increment offered (paper packet) all the way up to the 25 lbs. There are no further price breaks until 250 pounds of a single variety or 1000 lbs. of mixed varieties. For quantities below those cutoffs, you may place your order directly online.
  • Pallet Quantity Seeds - For orders that meet the above criteria, we offer additional price breaks based on weight. These are handled by custom quote. Please call us or request a quote.

In addition to bulk wholesale seeds we also offer custom packeting & packaging, kitting & assembly, contracted grows, international orders and other fulfillment services. Contact us by phone or click below for more information.

Bulk Wholesale Seed Quantities

Seed Quantities over 250 Lbs per variety:

If you are looking for seeds in quantities over 250 lbs per variety (or 1000 lbs mixed varieties), please fill out this Wholesale Contact Form and let us know what you are looking for. A representative will reach out within 1 business day.

Seed Quantities under 250 Lbs per variety:

The True Leaf Market Website offers seeds from packet quantity up to bulk wholesale. For quantities under 250 lbs single variety or 1000 lbs mixed varieties, please Browse the Website and place your order online or by phone.

Other Fulfillment & Custom Services

Contract Growing

We carry a huge inventory and selection of herb, vegetable and grain seeds including hybrids and open pollinated varieties. Contact us for pricing and availability for inquiries of 250 Lbs or more of a single variety, or 1000 Lbs of mixed varieties, Call us at 801-491-8700 or fill out the form on this page.

Custom Production, Kitting & Assembly

We offer custom fulfillment services including: packet production, packet filling, custom kitting of garden products and seed assortments, custom production and assembly of gardening products and more. Call us at 801-491-8700 or fill out the form on this page.

International Bulk Wholesale

We routinely export bulk seeds from our USA based warehouse to most countries around the world. We can provide phytosanitary certificates and other documents frequently required by the import authorities of individual countries. To learn more, fill out the form on this page. A representative will contact you promptly.

Hybrid Seeds

Western Hybrid Seeds offers a large line of non-genetically engineered hybrid seeds, bred via natural cross-pollination. Our line of hybrids is available in bulk to seed companies and professional growers. Call us at 801-491-8700 or fill out the form on this page. Retail customers can purchase our line of hybrids from our retail website.

Retail Ordering Online

We are proud to offer our complete line of seeds including organic, heirloom and hybrids to retail customers and home gardeners. Visit our retail website: https://www.trueleafmarket.com or browse our popular categories below.