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5 Late Summer Sowing Herbs

5 Late Summer Sowing Herbs 1

It’s heating up quick and you may be thinking that you are too late to sow seeds for a summer garden. But never fear—herbs to the rescue! They’re inexpensive and easy to grow. There are several varieties of herb seeds that can grow in and withstand the summer heat and the following herbs not only withstand it, they thrive in it! Making them prime candidates for late sowing. Basil Basil - Easily one of the most well-known and popular herbs on the planet, it is one of the easiest to grow. Germinates quickly, within 10-15 days and grows very quickly...

  • Andrew Stewart
Flowers Perfect for Direct Sowing Right Now!

Flowers Perfect for Direct Sowing Right Now! 0

Although we've had a particularly late winter, with the snow flurries just ending, it's still not too late to sow flower seeds for summer time blooms—in fact, it's the ideal time for some of these beauties of summer! Some flowers thrive being direct sown outdoors this time of year. Listed below are several varieties of flowers that you can direct sow now that will bloom during mid to late summer. These varieties are surprising additions to any garden regarding their unique shapes and colors—and how they just drink up the sunlight!   No need to buy more seed than you need—just...

  • Jordan Freytag
Start your Ginormous Pumpkin This Month!

Start your Ginormous Pumpkin This Month! 0

This is a very special time of year for us here at True Leaf Market because it is time to sow our giant pumpkin seeds. Each October, we hold The Ginormous Pumpkin Regatta at Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak, Utah. And in order to grow our own giant gourd to carve out and race across the water by that time, we need to start preparing and sowing our seeds now! Our carved-out giant pumpkin boats from the Regatta in October! After each race, we save the precious seeds that come out of the pumpkin, dry them and store them for this...

  • Andrew Stewart
A Great Time for Herbs!

A Great Time for Herbs! 1

A good time to start your herb garden is now—whether it's in your backyard, on your balcony or in your windowsill in containers, nothing says springtime like an herb garden! Herb are defined as plants that are used by humans for a variety of reasons, such as medicinal, aromatic, and culinary applications. Diversity seems to be the calling card of the herb. For example, basil is prolific in it's uses; the sweet flavor of its leaves is prominent in types of cuisine and as a main ingredient in teas, and the growing plant can be grown primarily for it's strong...

  • Jordan Freytag
Let's Talk About Transplant Shock

Let's Talk About Transplant Shock 0

Transplant shock happens to your seedlings when they undergo stress during the transplanting process from indoor growing conditions to the ground and the unpredictable climate outside. Many times it is caused by the roots being "shocked" by the transplanting process, specifically to the tiny root hairs that absorb water. Another cause can be the drastic temperature change from controlled indoor growing conditions to the ground, placed into too small of a hole or in need of water. The same goes for planting in baskets and containers as well. The stresses can escalate exponentially if left untreated. Transplant shock is common,...

  • Jordan Freytag
Direct Sowing Vegetable Seeds

Direct Sowing Vegetable Seeds 0

We are reaching the time when you'll want to start direct sowing your vegetable seeds or at least getting ready to sow them in the next few weeks! This is a perfect opportunity to think about what you might want to harvest in late summer/early fall! Some garden vegetables are unable to be direct sown unless you live in a tropical part of the globe, such as tomatoes and peppers. However, there are other garden vegetables on the other end of the spectrum: they can withstand cool temperatures during germination and benefit from direct sowing because their sensitive root systems...

  • Jordan Freytag