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A Sustainable Thanksgiving

A Sustainable Thanksgiving 0

It may seem next to impossible to maintain a sustainable lifestyle especially during the holiday season. You have friends and family of different backgrounds and beliefs gathering together in one space, making it difficult to keep up and enforce the habits that make sustainable living possible! But we think thanksgiving and Christmas are times when it really counts to be “green” considering how far some foods travel to reach your plates and how much food goes to waste in the end. According to the New York Post, of the 165 billion dollars of food wasted each year, 277 million dollars will...

  • Jordan Freytag
Sprouting and Microgreening with Mucilaginous Seeds

Sprouting and Microgreening with Mucilaginous Seeds 0

Some of you may have been sprouting and/or microgreening for some time and come across seeds that react different to water than other seeds. They get sticky and take longer to germ, making it disheartening if you haven’t dealt with these kinds of seeds before. They are called mucilaginous seeds and there are methods to dealing with their sometimes-obscure germination method. Here are a list of mucilaginous seeds: Brown Mustard Arugula Chia Basil Curled Cress Mucilaginous seeds are simply seeds whose hull forms a gel sack around itself when exposed to water. This is most likely a result of their...

  • Jordan Freytag
The Story of Our Giant Pumpkin

The Story of Our Giant Pumpkin 0

For the last five years or so, we’ve been attempting to grow our own giant pumpkin with some troubling results. One year, our vine only grew about twenty feet long before giving up. Trial and error, we quickly learned is the name of the game. This year was our year. We’ve been wanting to grow our own contender for the Ginormous Pumpkin Regatta we throw every year here in Salt Lake City, and this, year we can say we’ve done it. We used seeds from one of our friends at the Giant Pumpkin’s Growers Association. Some things we knew going...

  • Jordan Freytag
Jerome Small - 2017 Scholarship Winner - Video Submission

Jerome Small - 2017 Scholarship Winner - Video Submission 0

The Environmental Revolution By Jerome Small

  • Jordan Freytag
Zoe Martin Cowen - 2017 Scholarship Winner - Essay Submission

Zoe Martin Cowen - 2017 Scholarship Winner - Essay Submission 1

HU:Ñ, HA:L & BAWI: The Three Sisters of the Santa Cruz Valley By Zoe Martín Cowan A sea of green and yellow combs the valleys where my predecessors once witnessed the multicolored diversity of life that is the Sonoran Desert. Maize lit the path for the Green Revolution, a massive increase in high yield crop production globally, and has been central to the development of GMO technologies. But humans once had a much more intimate and spiritual connection to maize, a term derived from the Caribbean Taíno-Arawan word mahiz meaning ´life-giving’. It played a central role in the Cosmo-vision of...

  • Jordan Freytag
August: Dealing with the Late Summer Heat

August: Dealing with the Late Summer Heat 0

The unrelenting heat of late summer is here and nowhere do we notice it more than in our gardens. The soil can dry out and crack alarmingly fast. Even with consistent watering, plants can become wilted in the intense sunlight. 2016 was the eighth highest August recorded, and although this year’s August is predicted to be more precipitous and to have slightly lower temperatures than usual, the spouts of extreme heat can affect the plants in your garden. Some plants may wilt and others (leafy greens and lettuces) may bolt, but all in all, there are ways to manage the...

  • Jordan Freytag