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Introducing Hortisketch, the incomparable online garden planning platform that enables you to design, plan, and track your dream garden right here on the True Leaf Market website. True Leaf Market has partnered with Garden Savvy to bring you its Hortisketch Garden Planner, where you can plan your garden and order seed all in the same place.

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Hortisketch is an online garden design platform that offers a vast range of customizable feature and accurate growing and space information to create your ideal garden space. With just a few clicks, you can drag and drop a wide selection of plant and structure icons into your digital garden space. Watch the tutorial to get started!

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Garden Plot

Hortisketch's personalized growing calendar will display when it's time to sow, grow, and harvest your plants. The Garden Manager is included with Hortisketch. Keep your garden organized by recording your gardening ideas, your True Leaf Market purchases, upload photos, and track your favorite plant varieties.

Our partnership with Garden Savvy, has created a one stop shop on the True Leaf Market website where you can plan your garden with Hortisketch and order the seeds and materials you need to make your gardening goals happen. Whether you’re starting a new garden, or enhancing an existing one, we have everything you need to make your dream garden a reality. Start planning your garden today and experience the joy of growing with Hortisketch through today.

Garden Plot
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