Hortisketch FAQ

What is Hortisketch?

How does Hortisketch work with TrueLeafMarket.com?

Do I have to install software to use it?

Does Hortisketch work on Mobile Phones?

Does my annual subscription automatically renew?

How do I get support for using Hortisketch?

How do I use Horitsketch?

How do I create a raised bed using my exact dimensions?

How do I create a cold frame, greenhouse, or transparent plastic sheeting?

How do I lock an object to prevent myself from miss-clicking or moving the wrong object?

There is a red warning that is preventing me from planting closer. How can I plant closer together?

I use the square foot gardening method. How can I do square foot gardening in Hortisketch?

A plant I grow is not in Hortisketch. How can I add new plants?