Scholarship Winners!

We, at True Leaf Market, are proud to announce our scholarship winners for 2019! We received numerous well-crafted submissions. Many of which gave us new insights into many of the seeds we currently sell and into the current practices in the growing community. Reading the essays and plant biographies, as well as watching the submitted videos helped us think about new ways of presenting information that is vital to both experienced and beginning growers alike. Thank you to all of those who submitted this year!

We are currently accepting submissions for the 2020 Demetrios Agathangelides Scholarship Award.

Kaitlin Miller Pesticide Alternatives 2016 Washington State University
Angelina Bernardini About Cucumbers 2016 Tennessee State University
Jerome Small The Environmental Revolution 2017 Florida Atlantic University
Zoe Martin Cohen The Three Sister of the Santa Cruz Valley 2017 Arizona State University
Nestia N. Nuanez Transplanting Snapdragons 2018 Aims Community College
Laura Thoeming Onion Infographic 2018 Iowa State University
Julia Maddock The Star of Summer Squash 2019 Kansas State University
Ronald J. Smith Lettuce Essay 2019 Purdue University
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