Taylor the Warehouse Cat

About Taylor:

  • Employed at:
    True Leaf Market
  • Job Title:
    CPO (Chief Pest Officer)
  • Job Responsibilities:
    Pest Control, Quabitty Ashuance, Employee Morale
  • School:
    Mousing Degree from Mouseachassets Institute of Felineology Pawdelphia, Catifornia
  • Favorite Movies:
    Cats 2019, Mouse Hunt, Lion King 1994, The Cat in the Hat, The Cat From Outer Space, and The Aristocats
  • Favorite Songs:
    Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats, Cool for Cats by the Squeeze, Dog Police by Dog Police, and Everybody Wants to be a Cat from the Aristocats
  • Favorite Foods:
    Catnip and Mousies
  • Lives:
    At True Leaf Market in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • From:
    Best Friends Animal Society Utah
Taylors Favorite Products:
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taylor the warehouse cat close up

My name is Taylor and I came here, to True Leaf Market, in 2015 from Best Friends of Utah! True Leaf Market hired me on the spot cuz of my hunting skillz, bo-staff skillz, and computer hacking skillz --and also my cuteness! I've always been a great mouse hunter, if I don't say so myself. I graduated with high marks at Mouseachassets Institute of Felineology Pawdelphia, Catifornia. I sure got my paws full here, but I love it--and they love me!

Some of my hobbies include prowling the aisles at night, napping in the packing paper, and getting head scratchies from all my coworkers! Also, I'm a connoisseur of the nip. All day, every day--you know what I'm meowing! Life is what you meowke of it! Watch me meowke mine at @Taylor_the_warehouse_cat on Instagram.

Love y'all--except if you're a mouse. Sorry, not sorry.

An overview of how Taylor came to be on the executive team at True Leaf Market.

Documentary about Taylor and her daily life and responsibilities, as well as her thoughts on the hoomins in the warehouse.

Comments 10
  • Beth

    Love that you took in a fur baby . They do bring so much joy in your life .

  • Sandi Rackley
    Sandi Rackley

    My granddaughter’s name is Taylor. She and I are both cat lovers. So naturally when I first pulled up your website looking for Dinosaur Kale seeds and saw Taylor’s picture I had to know more about Taylor and since I had a cat just like Taylor when we lived in the country that a mommy stray had 2 litters of kittens on our property and our Tiger was the only one who survived. When we sold the farm and moved to town I had to leave my Tiger with the family who purchased it. They were glad to have him stay and he is happy there. But I miss him so much. Oh well, I better get back to looking at your Dinosaur Kale seeds.

  • Alison

    I love that you employ Taylor. So many need homes. She looks like she loves her job. I hope that other companies will follow suit. I think that it helps the other employees also, as mentioned. Lowers blood pressure and relaxes tension to have a pet around. Good going!

  • sandy

    Love the Taylor videos! And Best Friends is amazing too!

  • Darlene ERtzberger
    Darlene ERtzberger

    Several years ago I ordered from handypantry a hanging FOOD PANtrie unit. Non electric that has soft screen around it with a hard top and bottom that opens up with straps that hold 5 plastic to dehydrate food trays. The website said that they had joined your company. Do you have these for sale? It is one of my favorite summer drying tools, sunny day in a breeze and no bugs.

  • Evelyn Lim
    Evelyn Lim

    My mother and I order from your company just because of Taylor! A company that employs a cat is ok by us!!
    “We Love Taylor!”

  • Linda Emory
    Linda Emory

    Love your “happy cat” ♡♡♡

  • Carolynn Padgett
    Carolynn Padgett

    Does Taylor have her own pot (s) of catnip at the warehouse and some cat grass? She should—she’s a hard-working mouser and these would be excellent treats for the furry sweety! Happy prowling, Taylor. In a warehouse, there’s always something for an inquisitive feline to check out—and she’s got to keep mice and rats out of the seeds!

  • Keith Chambers
    Keith Chambers

    Any one who loves cats, are ok by me!!!

  • Edith

    Taylor needs a raise! Fideeen dollas & hour.

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