Easy Seeds to Start for Beginners

Easy Seeds to Start for Beginners

Not sure which fruits and vegetables to grow in your first garden? Check out the following seeds recommended for beginners just like you!

Whether a new job, school, or hobby, starting anything new can be intimidating even for the most courageous of us. So if you’re stepping out into the garden for the first time, you can trust that we’re here to help with detailed Growing Guides, Blogs, and Microgreens FAQs so that your thumb can be its greenest!

6 Most Productive Fruits and Vegetables for Beginners

Even the most experienced gardeners are rarely prepared for the endless harvests from these prolific summertime favorites. Anyone who’s ever grown cucumber, squash, or cherry tomato will tell you it's nearly impossible to keep up with the daily harvesting. While pole bean is plenty productive, bush bean directs much more energy into seed pods than vining growth. Each of these are Farmers’ Markets staples for reliability, daily harvests, and nonstop production from spring to fall.


Market Garden Seeds Collection

Handpicked of the most prolific fruit and vegetable seeds to help ensure farmers’ market growers the best return on investment. Even if you’re not growing for the weekly market, this collection may inspire you to try because you’ll find yourself in more produce than you’ll know what to do with.

6 Fastest Growing Fruit and Vegetables for Beginners

It’s no secret that root vegetables and leafy greens are the fastest growing vegetables in the garden and always the first to harvest in just 30-60 days. Root vegetables and leafy greens are annuals that do not produce fruit, allowing them to direct more energy towards developing bigger, more flavorful roots and greens. These varieties thrive in cool spring and fall gardens and are even known to taste best after a light frost or two.


Emergency Heirloom Bug Out Bag

Featuring more than 34 varieties of fruits and vegetables, the collection delivers home gardeners, homesteaders, and preppers the fastest maturing seeds to grow in the face of uncertainty. Nearly half the varieties included are either root vegetables or leafy greens to help ensure an emergency, yet abundant, 30-60 day harvest.

6 Easiest Fruits and Vegetables to Grow for Beginners

Crops in the grass family such as corn and wheat (farro, barley, rye) have been grown for millenia because they practically require no effort once in the ground. Though not a grass, sunflower and countless other wildflowers are ideal for beginners because they famously thrive from drought, heat, poor soils, and general neglect. And while both winter and summer squash are extremely easy to grow, summer squash is slightly easier because it requires no trellising.


Sweetest Corn Seeds Collection

Corn is truly one of the easiest crops to grow and usually the one that gets most beginners feeling like a pro even just after their first garden. It was for me! This collection gathers 4 of the most sugary varieties of sweet corn ready to harvest in 75-85 days.

6 Best Herb Seeds to Grow for Beginners

While perennial herbs such as lavender, rosemary, and thyme may live several years longer than these tender annuals, perennial herbs require much more hands-on maintenance than may be comfortable for most beginners. Each of these herbs can be conveniently seeded, grown, and harvested year-round indoors all from the comforts of your kitchen or windowsill. Herbs grown indoors in moveable pots and containers allow for easier watering, harvesting, and tracking of the sun’s daily path.


Culinary Herb 12-Pack Assorted

Culinary herb collection featuring 12 of the most widely used annual and perennial herbs to offer home chefs a true farm-to-table experience. Includes 9 fragrant, tender, and easy-to-grow annuals and 3 of the most popular winter-hardy perennials such as thyme, oregano, and sage.

6 Easiest Flowers to Grow for Beginners

Wildflowers are the absolute easiest seeds to grow in the home garden other than sowing a whole bed of invasive crops. Not only do wildflowers such as alyssum and zinnia thrive in drought, poor soil, and midsummer heat, but they also bloom best and brightest when sown at the end of fall. Though technically not wildflowers, summertime favorites marigold, borage, and nasturtium also thrive from neglect and are native to the warmest, most arid gardens.


Hummingbird & Butterfly Mix

An exclusive mix of 23 annual and perennial wildflower seeds intended to attract the most beneficial insects and pollinators to your garden. Wildflowers are known to be some of the easiest and most foolproof flowers available to home gardeners, as they’re known to thrive from heat, drought, and general neglect.

6 Best Fruits and Vegetables for Container Gardening

Crops in the nightshade family Solanaceae such as eggplant, pepper, tobacco, and potatoes all share very neat, clean, and upright habits and are ideal crops for any movable pot. While tomato is also a nightshade, it requires a little more trellising and attention, but is still the undisputed king of container gardening. Lettuce is a great crop for containers and pots because it allows for easier and more careful attention to bugs, watering, and harvesting.


8-Pack Hot and Sweet Pepper Collection

Features 4 hot and 4 sweet peppers so you can grow anything your taste buds can handle. Peppers thrive in midsummer heat and are ideal for the hottest, driest, and most challenging gardens. Requires a little staking once top-heavy with fruit, but peppers are an effortless crop for container gardening.