Tobacco Seeds

Large selection of tobacco seeds for various uses. Tobacco seeds are extremely small, difficult to handle, and can be challenging to germinate but, once sprouted and rooted in the garden, will flourish like a weed with little attention needed up until harvest.

Similar to tomatoes or sweet corn, tobacco is a heavy nitrogen feeder benefiting from an organic fertilizer throughout the season. Once firmly rooted, tobacco requires little watering and only a light addition of fertilizer 4-6 weeks later. Full Tobacco Growing Guide Available!

Tobacco leaves are ready to harvest when a pale golden yellow, which allows for an even and fast curing process. Leaves do not turn yellow all at once but begin slowly from the base of the plant as green chlorophyll is broken down. Aging allows time for nitrogen compounds in the leaf to break down, removing the harshness of freshly cured tobacco and allowing true flavors to be accentuated.

Legend: H for Heirloom, O for Organic, A for AAS Winner, F for staff favorites