Hardiness Zones By State

Gardening across the United States can look very different depending on where you are from. Some areas experience cold and hot season variations while others have wet and dry seasons. These differences make a great impact on the steps you will need to take to have a successful garden. To help you better understand your local climates we have compiled some resources for you to get the best information for your location. Below you will find some university links that will either take you to your Land Grant University, its extention website, or another university with a valuable reputation for agricultural information. We encourage you to utilize the information they provide, as well as the universities of other states which share similar climates with you.

Please note that this information is mainly gathered keeping the USDA Cold Hardiness Zones by state in mind, however the best success will be had when other microclimate factors such as precipitation, humidity, heat zones, elevation, etc. are taken into account. For this reason we recomend you gain an understanding of your most important factors to consider through your Land Grant University.