Planting Points

Welcome to True Leaf Market's Loyalty Rewards Program! For every dollar you spend in our store (excluding tax & shipping costs), you earn rewards points that are automatically added and stored on your in-store account.

After your purchase, your rewards points will be available to use for your next purchase or future purchases. Save up enough points, and you could pay for an entire order with rewards points! Signing up for planting points is a great way to save money on seeds, sprouters, and other health food products that you already buy!

How it Works

When you sign up to get Planting Points, you earn points that save you money on your next purchase. Most people will start out as a hobbyist. Hobbyists earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Hobbyists are people who've spent less than $250 in the course of a year. However, the more you spend, the more you save. You can "graduate" to a Gardner. Gardners earn 2 points for every dollar spent. Gardners spend between $250 and $1000 in the course of a year. The last level is a Farmer. Farmers earn 3 points for every dollar spent. Farmers spend $1000 plus dollars in the course of a year. A year meaning the last 365 days. It's not a set day to a set day.

how much you need to spend to get to the next tier

You can earn points by liking our page on facebook, sharing our website on facebook, leaving a review of a product you purchased, adding your birthday to your account for a birthday gift of planting points, or referring a friend to When you refer a friend, you get points and they get $5 off their first purchase.

table for how many rewards points you can earn

How to Use Your Points

To earn planting points, the first step is to sign up for a store account. Your account automatically keeps track of the points you earn. Save up points to get discounts and gift cards for products on! Once you sign up for an account, you start earning points right away! You get 200 Planting Points just for signing up! To sign up for planting points, you can click My Account at the top of the page, or by clicking Reward Program at the bottom right of the page. After you have an account, click Reward Program in the bottom right corner. From the window that pops up, you can view information about your account, if you're a Hobbyist, Gardener, or Farmer, you can see how many points you've earned, how you can earn more points, and add your birthday to your account.

To redeem your points, go to the checkout page when you are ready to make your purchase. On the rigt half of the page, you should see the products you intend to buy, a section for rewards points and gift cards, then your total at the bottom. In the section for rewards points and gift cards, you should be able to see how many points you have. You can move to bar across the line, to choose how many points you want to apply to your order. Once you've decided how many points to use, hit redeem, and the discount will be applied to your order.

Another way to redeem your points is to click My rewards at the bottom of the reward program window. There you can see rewards you've earned. When you click view, that redeems those points, and you are given a code which you can write down or copy. Enter this code into the "Gift card or discount code" section of the checkout page and then hit Apply. This will take the value of the gift card off the price of your purchase.

The great part about planting points, is when you make a purchase, you are already earning more points!