Refer to the details on this page for help using the e-commerce features on this site.

Notify Me When Back In Stock – From time to time a product may be temporarily out of stock. When this happens the product detail page has a "Notify Me" option so you can receive an email when the product is back in stock. Simply click the link, enter your email address and submit. You will receive an email notification when the product is back in stock.

Shopping Cart – When you add a product to your shopping cart you will be taken to the cart page where you have the options listed below:

  • Continue Shopping – From your cart if you click on "Continue Shopping", it will take you back to the product page you were at before you added to the shopping cart. From here you can use the top navigation, side navigation, or search function to find more products that interest you.
  • Clear Items From Cart – By clicking this button ("Clear Items from Cart"), you remove all products from the shopping cart. If you want to remove individual items or change their quantities, use the up / down arrows next to the quantity of each item to adjust the quantity as you desire, then click "Update".
  • Save Cart – This option is only available when you are logged in to your account. If logged in, clicking the "Save This Cart" button allows you to save the fully populated shopping cart for any time in the future when you log in again. You can save and name more than one cart. Saved carts are accessible under My Account.
  • Preview Shipping Options – Where it says "Enter Zip for Shipping Options" enter the ship to zip code and click "Go". You will then be able to preview your shipping charges and select your shipping method: Standard, Priority or Expedited from the pull-down menu. If you change your mind after proceeding to check-out, you will still have the option to change your shipping method later. Note: You do not have to preview shipping charges before proceeding to checkout. It is simply a convenient option to check shipping rates ahead of time.
  • Proceed to Checkout – When you click proceed to checkout, you will be taken to the first part of the secure check-out process.
  • Rewards Points – You earn rewards points with every purchase that you make as a registered customer. When checking out as a guest, your rewards points are lost. If you begin a purchase not as a registered customer but register in the process of checking out, then your rewards points are saved in your account. On your next purchase, you can choose to apply any accumulated rewards points to receive a discount on your order, or you can opt to continue to save them in your account for a future purchase.

Secure Checkout – The secure checkout process ensures your customer information is safe and confidential. Below is a description of the various sections of the checkout process.

  • Existing Customer?
  • Yes - If you are a returning customer with a registered account, you can login here. Your customer data will auto populate on all the fields making your check-out process much faster.
  • No – If you are not returning customer with a registered account, you can skip this and proceed to the Billing Information section. Later, you will be given the option of checking out as a guest, or registering an account during the checkout process.
  • Billing Information – Enter the billing information. This is typically the billing information that matches your credit card billing address.
  • Add Me To Your Mailing List – Here you can opt in for our email newsletter the Living Foods Habit. The newsletter is published once a month and contains articles about better living through raw and living foods, special offers, coupon codes, and new product announcements. Your email address will never be shared with anyone and you can opt-out of the mailings at any time.
  • Account Registration – Choose how you want to check-out:
    • Check-out as a Guest – By checking out as a guest you will not have the ability to return to the site to login and access order status, history, tracking information, etc. (Your tracking information will be emailed to you, only.) Any rewards points earned will not be saved for guest checkouts.
    • Register an Account – Your email address, entered in the billing section, becomes your user ID. You can choose a password here. After completing your order, you will have an account that you can access by logging in the Your Account section of the site. Your rewards points will be saved and you will be able to access order history, tracking information and other convenient features.
  • Shipping Information – You can choose to have your order shipped to your billing address, or you can choose to ship to a different address, which you will then need to provide by filling out the indicated fields.
  • Shipping Method – If you used the preview option in the shopping cart, it is saved here. You can change your shipping option here if you like. If you do select a different shipping amount, click the refresh option to update the totals in the order summary. Remember all orders over $35 ship for free via standard shipping.
  • Payment Methods – If you register an account, your payment options will be saved securely for convenience in future orders. You can choose to pay for your order in any of the options below:
  • Credit Card – Provide your payment info. The Split Payments option allows you to use multiple payment methods for a single purchase. You can pay with two different credit or debit cards. The most common reason for splitting payments is if you want to apply accumulated rewards points for a discount on your order. You can specify the rewards points in the rewards points section below and the balance on any other payment method.
  • PayPal Express – Check out through your PayPal account. When you click on the "Place Order" button, you will be taken to PayPal to complete your order.
  • Reward Points – If you have saved rewards points, they are available here to apply for either a partial or total discount depending on the amount of points you have available.
  • Check or Money Order – You can choose to pay by check or money order. If you choose this option you will need to provide the check number, and you will be able to complete the checkout normally. Write your order number in the demo, or for line. You will then need to mail a check to:
    175 W 2700 S
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

    Your order will not ship until we have received your check and it clears the bank.
  • Confirm And Place Your Order – If all your information looks good, including the totals in the Order Summary, shipping and tax if applicable, click "Place Order" to complete your checkout. You will be taken to an order confirmation page you can print for your records. A receipt will be emailed to the address you provided.

My Account – Here you can login, if you are returning registered customer. You also have the option to register an account directly, which doesn’t require a purchase to register. If you purchase from more than one of our sites, you only have one login to worry about. If you create a customer account on one site, you will automatically have that same login active and ready to go on our other sites.

My Account Logged In – Once you are logged in, there are a variety of options for self service linked in the left hand navigation:

  • Account Dashboard – The dashboard shows all the information for your account on this single screen.
  • Login Information – Here you can change your name, email address and choose your default payment method.
  • Change Password – Here you can change your account password.
  • View Public Profile – Your public profile includes your avatar, screen name and other information that shows on any reviews or blog comments that you make.
  • Edit Public Profile – Here you can change your avatar, screen name and other information for your public profile.
  • Saved Payment Methods – Here you can securely make changes to your saved payment methods and add additional payment options.
  • Billing Address – Here you can update or add additional billing addresses.
  • Shipping Address - Here you can update or add additional ship to addresses.
  • My Orders – Here you can review your order and payment history including order fulfillment status and tracking information.
  • My Reviews – Here you can see your prior reviews.
  • My Saved Carts – Here you have access to previous shopping carts you have specifically for later.
  • Wish Lists – Here you can create one or more wish lists that store a shortcut to specific products, so you can have easy access to them in the future. Initially, putting an item in your wishlist will add it to a "temporary" list, from which you can then move to your named and customized "permanent" wish lists.

If you have any questions about these features, or any of our products, please feel free to reach out to us at or by phone at 801-491-8700.