Cucumber - Pickling - Boston Pickling Garden Seed
Cucumber - Pickling - Boston Pickling Garden Seed
Non-GMO Boston Pickling Cucumber
boston pickling cucumber seed packet

- Popularly grown in the United States as it was first sold by the D.M. Ferry & Co and is known to produce a season-long harvest.

Cucumber Seeds - Pickling - Boston Pickling


55-60 days. Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds. Cucumis sativus. Non-GMO. The Boston Pickling cucumber is an American heirloom first marketed in 1877 by the pioneering Detroit-based seed company, D.M. Ferry & Co. Boston Pickling is a rapidly producing summer favorite and, since this variety is mature in about 56-63 days, be prepared for season-long harvests well into the end of summer. The Boston Pickling is vining cucumber that thrives from early trellis support and daily harvesting to help promote more vigorous fruiting. Approx 1087 seeds per ounce.

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