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Hard Red Spring Organic Wheat is the best wheat we have ever used for growing wheatgrass and sprouts. Organic hard red spring wheat has an incredible germination rate and sweet sprout tails. Small quantity to bulk. triticum aestivum

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Certified Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat Grain - Certified Organic Sprouting Seeds

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USDA Certified Organic. Whole Sprouting Hard Red Spring Wheat berries. Excellent Germination Rate 98-100% Resealable Packaging or pre-measured bags for wheatgrass trays. 7-10 days for wheatgrass. 2-3 days for wheat berry sprouts. Great for grinding into whole wheat flour. Outstanding choice for food storage. Microbial Tested. Pre-Measured Bags are 9 ounces each

Customer Comment:

" Yay!! Yay!!!! I'm SOOOO GLAD my shipment will arrive tomorrow. I decided to try some Whole Foods Organic winter wheat berries- you know, local, no shipping, on sale for 89 cents a pound.....oh, no. No, no, no, no. I used exactly the same amount of seed that I use of yours. I'd say there was about 1/3 less (at least) growth, it was sporadic- some short, some tall....and the mold....oh, the mold......the horror............... Sigh. Lesson learned. :-)"

- Macha B. 

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