- Organic hard red spring wheat has an incredible germination rate and sweet sprout tails.

Hard Red Spring Wheat - Organic - Cover Crop Seeds


90 Days. Triticum aestivum. Open-Pollinated. Cover Crop. Organic. Non-GMO Organic Hard Red Spring Wheat cover crop is one of the most tolerant, productive, and beneficial grows available to home gardeners. Heirloom Organic hard spring wheat seeds are traditionally cultivated in early spring for a quick harvest and mow to revitalize poor soils with nitrogen, while its roots breakup heavy and compacted soils. Despite being a popular contemporary cover crop, non-GMO Organic hard red spring wheat is still just as favored as a timeless open-pollinated field and forage grain. Wholesale seeds and bulk sizes available. ~500 seeds/ounce. Contact us for Pallet Quantity Pricing.

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