• Beans: Black Turtle - Organic 1 lb
  • Beans: Black Turtle - Organic 2.5 lb
  • Beans: Black Turtle - Organic 5 lb
  • Beans: Black Turtle - Organic 5 lb
  • Beans: Black Turtle - Organic 35 lb

- Black Turtle Beans are the common black beans so popularly used in Latin American and Caribbean cuisine.

Black Turtle Beans (Organic) - Bulk Grains & Foods


Small and shiny black turtle beans are native to Mexico and have long been a part of the cuisines of Central and South America. Black turtle beans are delicious in soups, burritos, and other dishes. These black turtle beans have a satisfying texture and are rich in antioxidants. These beans come in resealable packaging in various quantities and have been tested for microbes. Certified Organic.


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