Flax Seeds: Brown - Organic 1 lb
Flax Seeds: Brown - Organic 2.5 lb
Flax Seeds: Brown - Organic 5 lb
Flax Seeds: Brown - Organic 30 lb

- Brown Flax is hardy and able to withstand spring frosts with many uses including culinary, oil, and textile purposes.

Brown Flax (Organic) - Bulk Grains & Foods


Our Organic brown flax seeds (Linum usitatissimum) are perfect for adding into numerous recipes for their myriad of health benefits and ability to add bulk to dishes. They are excellent for grinding into a flax meal for a fresh, unadulterated product. These brown flax seeds are tested for microbes, available in various sizes, and come in resealable packaging. In addition to kitchen use, they are suitable for planting in your personal garden. Certified Organic.


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