Soybean - Black (Organic) - Sprouting Seeds
Soybean - Black (Organic) - Sprouting Seeds
Non-GMO Organic Black Soybeans
Soybeans: Black - Organic 1 lb
Soybeans: Black - Organic 2.5 lb
Soybeans: Black - Organic 5 lb
Soybeans: Black - Organic 35 lb

Black Soybean - Organic - Sprouting Seeds


2-5 Days. Glycine max L. Merr.. Non-GMO. Organic. Sprouting. Considered a superfood, Organic black soybean sprouting seeds quickly sprout an antioxidant-rich favorite used anywhere the yellow soybean is used. Popularly seasoned with black pepper for tofu and roasted to make sweet black soybeans, non-GMO black soybean has recently become a staple sprouting seed, grown for its high protein and fiber content, as well as minimal calories, sugars, and effort. Wholesale seeds and bulk available. ~175 seeds per ounce.


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