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Colorful Microgreens Seeds

Microgreens Seeds - Colorful

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While most microgreens are shades of bright green, there are lots of other colorful microgreens options. Colors adds interest to any meal they are added to. Whether using microgreens as a garnish or adding them to a salad, a flare of color can add beauty to any mundane meal. This collection of microgreens reflects the most colorful varieties available for growing at the microgreen stage.

See our Microgreens Grow Guide for helpful growing tips.

Legend: H for Heirloom, O for Organic, A for AAS Winner, F for staff favorites
HeirloomOrganicStaff Favorite
Kale - Red Russian - Microgreens Seeds Close Up
HeirloomStaff Favorite
Swiss Chard - Ruby Red - Microgreens SeedsSwiss Chard - Ruby Red - Microgreens Seeds Close Up
Kohlrabi - Purple Vienna - Microgreens Seeds Close Up
Nasturtium - Jewel Mix - Microgreens SeedsNasturtium - Jewel Mix - Microgreens Seeds Close Up
HeirloomStaff Favorite
HeirloomStaff Favorite
beet microgreencut beet microgreens
Non-GMO Borage Micro Greens Seeds