Kohlrabi - Purple Vienna - Microgreens Seeds


8-12 Days to maturity. Brassica oleracea var gongylodes. Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Microgreen Seeds. Try adding these as the base of a microgreen salad. Their mild cabbage flavor, paired with colorful stems, creates a delicious and beautiful combination that is perfect for elevating your favorite meals. Try growing on soil or hydroponic growing mediums. ~10,500 seeds/oz.

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Growing Microgreens Starter Guide

Kohlrabi - Purple Vienna - Microgreens Seeds

Growing Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Microgreen Seeds

Because kohlrabi seeds easily germinate, presoaking is not necessary. Try growing on a soil-based or hydroponic growing medium. We always recommend beginners start with soil-based growing media as it is the most forgiving to potential variables. A seeding rate of 0.5 oz for a 10x20 tray is recommended. For easy watering, nestle a tray with holes inside one without. Simply add water in the bottom tray to avoid disrupting your seeds and the new growth throughout the process. Cover your newly planted seeds for the first 2-3 days.

Keep your seeds moist but not drowning in water. This will help you avoid molding problems. If mold starts to appear, spray it with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. Kohlrabi microgreens are ready in only 8-12 days. Harvest with a sharp knife or scissors.

Benefits of Purple Vienna Kohlrabi Microgreens

Kohlrabi has a whole host of benefits, including 100 percent of your daily value of vitamin C. in addition to its nutritional components found in the attributes tab above, kohlrabi’s mild cabbage-like flavor makes it a great pair with other microgreens. Mix and match to create your ideal blend of flavors and texture.

Culinary Tips

Kohlrabi microgreens are best added to salads, sandwiches, slaw, or as a simple garnish. Of course, don’t let this list stop you from experimenting and trying them out on your favorite foods.

Tips From Our Gardeners

"I love microgreens because they can be added to so many different kinds of food. My favorite way to use them is in my breakfast smoothies. They add a great boost of nutrients to start the day off right."

- Ashleigh Smith, True Leaf Market Managing Editor

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Seeds per Package:

  • 1 oz - Approximately 10,500 seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 42,000 seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 168,000 seeds
  • 5 lb - Approximately 840,000 seeds
  • 25 lb - Approximately 4,200,000 seeds

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