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65 Days to maturity. Linaria maroccana ’Northern Lights’. Northern Lights Spurred Snapdragon Linaria Seeds. Non-GMO, Annual. Northern Lights Spurred Snapdragon seeds grow some of the most elegant yet durable flowers in any garden. They attract pollinators and display a wide variety of colors that will suit any preference! Northern Lights are a great snapdragon alternative but come with a wildflower-like hardiness level as they are actually a type of Linaria. They are also known as Moroccan Toadflax, Baby Snapdragon, and Fairy Snapdragon. Approx. 400,000 seeds per oz.


Growing Non-GMO Northern Lights Spurred Snapdragon Flower Seeds

Directly sow these seeds outdoors 3-4 weeks before the last spring frost. In zones 8-10, they can be planted in fall or winter as well. Scatter the seeds and lightly press them into the soil. These seeds need light and plenty of moisture to germinate.

Thin out to a final spacing of 6 inches apart once they have four true leaves. If aphids appear, hose the foliage down once per day until they are no longer present, or introduce ladybugs to the area. They usually only need to be watered during dry spells.

Once the seedlings are about 5 inches tall, mulch around the base to suppress weeds and lock in moisture. It is best to keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy. Deadhead blooms regularly to encourage more flowers. If growing as an annual, remove the entire plant at the end of the season. If you choose to fertilize through the season, use a low-strength option and apply it carefully to avoid burn.

Northern Lights Spurred Snapdragon in the Flower Garden

Toadflax Spurred Snapdragon seeds are a perfect substitute for traditional snapdragons. They have similar looks and habits and are potentially hardier in some situations. Use them in a variety of bedding or container situations. Many gardeners say they have more of a wildflower look to them than snapdragons. This makes them perfect for cottage gardens and wildflower mixes for cool weather.

Landscape Use of Northern Lights Spurred Snapdragon

They make an excellent choice for beds, mass plantings, and containers. Northern Lights Moroccan Toadflax is versatile enough to flow effortlessly between group plantings and potted arrangements. Northern Lights Toadflaxe Snapdragons are known to be deer resistant. With minimal yearly maintenance, these flowers can be a staple addition to your landscape.

About Northern Lights Spurred Snapdragon Garden Seeds

These magnificent Moroccan Toadflaxes can also be used as cut flowers for small arrangements. They add color and texture to any bouquet or centerpiece. Cut them when half the florets have opened.

Expect tall flower talks reaching 12-18 feet above the ground.

The Linaria maroccana flower is often referred to as Moroccan Toadflax or Spurred Snapdragon and is native to the Mediterranean region but has been naturalized in most areas of North America for a long time. It can be invasive in some regions; check with your local extension before planting.

Moroccan Toadflax seeds can also be called Baby Snapdragon, Fairy snapdragon, or Spurred Snapdragon Toadflax.

Snapdragons, Angelonias, and Toadflaxes are all similar in appearance but with different purposes. Angelonias are more suited to warm climates, while Toadflax is more suited to cool climates. Classic snapdragons are the most well-known but are also the most delicate. It is also quite similar to Flax, where it got its name. Flax is Linum, and Toadflax is Linaria because of their similar habits and growing conditions.

Spurred Snapdragon is not meant to be eaten. Parts of the plant can be toxic if ingested.

Stories From Our Gardeners

"If you live in a cooler climate and have struggled to successfully grow snapdragons in the past, try out Spurred Snapdragon Toadflax! It has a similar look but thrives in 50-60F weather."

- Lara Wadsworth, True Leaf Market Writer

Northern Lights Spurred Snapdragon Seeds Per Package:

250 mg - Wholesale - Approximately 3,520 Seeds

0.25 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 100,000 Seeds

1 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 400,000 Seeds

4 oz - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 1,600,000 Seeds

1 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 6,400,000 Seeds

Non-GMO Northern Lights Spurred Snapdragon seeds are available for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $75.

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