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Snapdragon Seeds - Rocket Series


115-121 days. Rocket Series snapdragon seeds promise vibrant, dense, and award-winning blooms ideal for the garden, home, or any fresh cut summertime arrangement. Snapdragon Rocket Series is easy to grow from seed and matures into fragrant, herbal-scented flowers perfect for invigorating a drab room or walkway. Snapdragon Rocket Series seeds are AAS award winners for their signature colors Rocket Bronze, Rocket Golden, Rocket Red, Rocket Rose, and Rocket White. Rocket Series snapdragon seeds are perfect growing in the back of a flower bed to provide tall, upright, and brilliant color all season long.


Growing Rocket Series Snapdragon Garden Seeds

Snapdragon Rocket seeds are easy to grow and may be sown directly outside after final frost or, for early blooms, start indoors 6-8 weeks prior to last frost. Do not cover Rocket Series seeds during germination, full light will help seeds germinate in 10-12 days. Plant snapdragon Rocket seeds ¼ inch deep and 18-24 inches apart in light, moist, and well-drained soil with full sun to partial shade. Rocket Series snapdragons thrive in cool, moderate gardens and will show signs of wilting and decline in climates with hot, suppressing summers. Avoid overhead watering Rocket Series snapdragons and properly ventilate to minimize moisture which may cause mold, downy mildew, and powdery mildew. Antirrhinum majus is also susceptible to fungal leaf spots, root rot, and aphids. Rocket Series snapdragon seeds mature in 115-121 days as 30-36 inch tall uprights with a 12-24 inch width and long, hardy spikes full of 1-2 inch blooms of your choice of their award-winning colors.

Rocket Series snapdragons debuted in 1960 and stole the show at the year's All-American Selection (AAS) awards. Rocket Series are 1960 AAS winners for their signature colors Rocket Bronze, Rocket Golden, Rocket Red, Rocket Rose, Rocket White. Snapdragon is named because of the motion the stalks make when harvesting blooms, causing the "mouth" of the flower to snap open like a dragon and then close.

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