Snapdragon Seeds - Floral Showers Series


115 - 121 days. Floral Showers snapdragon seeds grow fragrant, nostalgic, and vibrant blooms where other flowers would wither. Floral Showers snapdragon seeds grow compact 6-8 inch dwarf plants ideal for indoors planters and adding natural aromatics to your home. Floral Showers snapdragon is hardy, easy to grow from seed, and available in a wide variety of signature colors. Floral Showers snapdragon is a timeless floral shop favorite and promises to add a professional charm to your seasonal baskets, arrangements, and bouquets.


Growing Floral Showers Series Snapdragon Garden Seeds

Floral Showers snapdragon seeds are easy to grow from seed and may be sown directly outside immediately after final frost or, for earliest blooms, start indoors 6-10 weeks prior to last frost. Seeds will germinate in 10-21 days in full light. Plant snapdragon Floral Showers seeds ¼ inch deep and 8-10 inches apart in light, rich, and well-drained soil with full sun to partial shade. Floral Showers snapdragon seeds thrive in cool, temperate conditions and may wilt and decline in climates with hot, lengthy summers. Avoid overhead watering and properly ventilate to minimize moisture which may cause mold, downy mildew, and powdery mildew. Floral Showers snapdragons are also susceptible to fungal leaf spots, root rot, and aphids. Floral Showers Series seeds mature in 115 - 121 days as dwarfed 6-8 inch tall bushy compacts with short stalks bursting with florets of crimson, rose, lilac, scarlet, rose pink, purple, deep bronze, yellow, white, lavender bicolor, or mixed.

Antirrhinum majus is native to the cool and temperate Mediterranean including regions of Morocco, Portugal, southern France, and east into Turkey and Syria. Snapdragon earns its name because of the reaction the stalks have when harvesting blooms, causing the "mouth" of the flower to snap open like a dragon and then close.

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