Digitalis (Foxglove) Seeds - Mixed Color


2nd Year Maturity. Mixed Color foxglove seeds grow classic and delicate blooms where other flowers would wither. Mixed Color seeds deliver compact 12 " 18" foxgloves bursting with densely blooming stalks in shades of lavender, rose, cream, fuchsia, and ivory. Foxglove is a tolerant seasonal performer ideal as a neat trim along the flower bed. Mixed Color foxgloves are a timeless floral shop favorite and promise to add a professional charm to your summertime baskets, arrangements, and bouquets.


Growing Mixed Color Digitalis (Foxglove) Garden Seeds

Digitalis seeds are most commonly sown outdoors after the frost but, for earliest blooms, begin indoors 4 " 6 weeks prior. Mixed Color foxglove will germinate in 7 " 14 days with moisture and seedlings should be hardened off before being transplanted to the garden. Mixed Color is a compact variety and can be kept indoors with a sunny spot in the house. Lightly press 4 " 6 Mixed Color foxglove seeds into the soil without covering 12 " 18" apart in moist, Organically rich, and well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Digitalis has no serious pests or diseases, but can be susceptible to mildew if soil is not properly drained. Mixed Color foxglove thrives in consistently moist soil without ever being left to dry. Although no serious pests, watch for aphids, mealy bugs, and slugs. Mixed Color foxglove seeds are perennials that mature in their second year as 14 " 16" tall uprights with a 12 " 18" spread of densely blooming stalks bursting with tubular-shaped blooms.

Digitalis purpurea, or more commonly known as Foxglove, is widespread and native to the most moderate regions of Europe, and has become naturalized to many similar climates in North America. The flowers, stems, and seeds of Digitalis purpurea are highly toxic and extremely poisonous to humans if ingested and even fatal to some animals. Although highly toxic, chemicals and steroids within the foxglove are essential in medical industry.

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