Zinnia Seeds - California Giant Mix


75-90 days. Zinnia elegans. Non-GMO. The "“king of summer annuals" California Giant Mix seeds are the largest variety of Zinnias ever, growing 4 feet tall and bursting with spectacular 5"6" semi-double flowers. California Giant Zinnia Mix flower seeds grow to provide long-lasting brilliance to your garden with an explosion of rose, gold, red, pink, canary, coral, orange, and scarlet. California Giant Mix zinnia flower seeds are a summertime tradition that have been selectively bred for their magnificence and will have you planting again every spring! ~3,900 seeds/oz.


Growing Heirloom California Giant Mix Zinnia Flower Garden Seeds

How to Grow California Giant Mix Zinnias from Seed

Zinnia seeds are a full sun summer annual best if planted directly outdoors after the final frost or around Mothers Day. Zinnia has a wildflower like hardiness and can be broadcasted openly or sown in traditional rows. For traditional planting, plant 2-3 seeds .5" deep per hole and thin starts early to reduce legginess. Zinnia seeds germinate in 4-7 days and should bloom in about 60 days. Keep watered and well-drained.

Zinnia seeds are best if sown directly outdoors. Mature California Giant Zinnias can reach up to 4' tall and more than 1' wide, which may be a bit excessive for indoor gardening. For earlier blossoms, start seeds indoors 5"7 weeks before transplanting outside.

California Giant Mix Zinnias in the Vegetable Garden

Water the soil directly to avoid wetting the foliage, as it can cause mold and powdery mildew. Do not underestimate their height and plan your garden accordingly, as California Giants could quickly shadow a garden for the season. Early watering and weeding will generally alleviate most problems, as the California Giant Zinnias are a vigorous summer annual. Pyrethrin stops most insects and pests.

About California Giant Mix Zinnia Seeds

Zinnia elegans. (75-90 Days).

Such color! And color you can bring indoors! These zinnias make amazing arrangements of cut flowers.

The flowers are large, flat-petaled semi-doubling and placed on long stems that are perfect for vases. Easy to grow, children will love to plant these and see them grow!

The plants themselves matuer to 36-48" tall, but the blooms are large ranging from 4-7" in diameter.

California Giants mix has a rainbow of colors in this mix perfect for colorful arrangements.

Butterflies love these flowers! Learn to attract butterflies and grow a butterfly garden for the cost of a seed packet.

California Giant Mix Zinnia Seeds Per Package:

  • 5 g - Packet - Approximately 690 Seeds
  • .5 oz - Packet - Approximately 1,950 Seeds
  • 1 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 3,900 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 15,600 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Wholesale - Approximately 62,400 Seeds
  • 5 lb - Bulk - Approximately 312,000 Seeds

Non-GMO California Giant Mix zinnia seeds are available for Fast Free Shipping on orders over $75.

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