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70 " 80 days. These non-GMO Salinas lettuce seeds easily grow into green leaves and are great for beginners. Salinas Lettuce, also known as Iceberg Lettuce, is ready to harvest in 70 to 79 days. The Salinas thrives in full sun or partial shade, being heat resistant, and can be grown in zones 4-9. The leaves of the Salinas have a mildly sweet flavor. Approx 16,000 seeds per ounce.  Click here for clearance Salinas Lettuce Garden Seeds!

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Growing Salinas Lettuce Garden Seeds

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Start by sowing the non-GMO seeds 1/4 inch in loose, cool, moist soil, with eighteen inches between seeds and twelve inches between rows. Make sure to allow enough space between seeds for the lettuce to grow, as overcrowding can cause the lettuce to have a bitter taste. Firm the soil lightly. While growing, keep the soil well watered. Harvest seventy to seventy nine days after planting.

Historical documents show that lettuce was being cultivated in Egypt 6,000 years ago.

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