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7-14 Days to maturity. Brassica rapus. Rapeseed Canola Microgreen Seeds. Rape (Canola) microgreens are a delicious addition to salads, soups, smoothies, and more. They have a crunchy texture full of tender, mild mustard or kale-like spiciness. Sprouts are ready in only 5-7 days! Enjoy this seed at its sprouting and microgreen phases when they contain the greatest density of nutrients. ~13,400 seeds/oz.

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Rapeseed Canola - Microgreens Seeds

Growing Rapeseed Microgreen Seeds

Canola Rape microgreens may be grown on a soil or hydroponic medium. However, we always recommend starting with soil because it is the most reliable method of growing seeds. Start by preparing a tray of moist soil. Spread enough seeds over the surface. Be careful not to oversow, as crowding can reduce success. Cover with a layer of soil-based medium and water. Emergence happens in about 5-7 days. The crunchy microgreen leaves will be mature in about 7-14 days. Harvest when the stems are about 5-10 cm tall.

Because rape is a part of the Brassica family, you may notice a similar but milder smell to broccoli seeds. They boast a spiciness similar to mustard or kale that is milder and pleasantly flavorful.

Benefits of Rapeseed Microgreens

While rape microgreens contain many nutrients, they are a great source of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is known to support skin, eye, hair growth, and the immune system.

Culinary Tips

These microgreens can be used in a variety of ways, including stir-fries, sandwiches, smoothies, soups, or with meat and seasonings. Cook, or use fresh and raw.

Tips From Our Gardeners

"I love using fresh microgreens from day to day. I recommend you start harvesting as soon as possible. Only harvest as much as you are using at a time to keep these delicious microgreens crunchy and fresh."

- Ashleigh Smith, True Leaf Market Managing Editor

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Seeds per Package:

  • 1 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 13,400 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 53,600 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 214,400 Seeds
  • 5 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 1,072,000 Seeds
  • 25 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 5,360,000 Seeds

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