Sweet William Seeds - Double Mixture


105 - 112 days. Double Mix Sweet William seeds promise elegant 3 " 5" blooms of crimsons, scarlets, and pinks to invigorate your home or garden. Sweet William Double Mix seeds are easy to grow, tolerant, and mature into brilliant, fragrant blooms irresistible to hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. Double Mix Sweet William seeds grow sweet, herbal flowers commonly used in the kitchen to accent jams, fish, or Mediterranean dishes. Sweet William Double Mix seeds can grow as perennials in optimal climates, but thrive as hardy biennials in most gardens.


Growing Double Mixture Sweet William Garden Seeds

For earliest blooms, start Double Mix Sweet William seeds indoors 4 " 5 weeks before last frost. Sweet William Double Mix is easy to grow from seed and may also be sown directly just after last frost. Germination will take about 14 days then transplant Double Mix seedlings either indoors or outdoors once there are two sets of true leaves. For direct sowing, plant Sweet William Double Mix seeds 1/8" deep and 8 " 12" apart in Organic, nutrient-rich, and well-drained soil in full sun. Although Double Mix Sweet Williams thrive in full sun, plants may require partial shade in extreme heat conditions. Sweet Williams are susceptible to crown rot and mold in poorly-drained soil and monitor regularly for snails and slugs. Routine deadheading of spent flowers will promote perennial growth and plant will readily reseed itself. Double Mix Sweet William seeds mature at 105 - 112 days as 18" tall shrubs with an 8" spread and stems of dense 3 " 5" clusters of double-flowered clusters of pink, crimson, purple, scarlet, and cream.

Dianthus barbatus is native to moderate climates of the Pyrenees mountains of southern Europe and stretching into Asia. The lifecycle of Dianthus barbatus can be difficult to classify because it grows as a perennial in optimal climates, a biennial in most climates, but most commonly sold and planted as annuals regardless of region. Princess Kate Middleton included Sweet Williams in her 2011 Royal Wedding bouquet as a tribute to her groom, Prince William Duke of Cambridge.

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