Dimorphotheca Mixed Colors Seed
Dimorphotheca Mixed Colors Seed
Dimorphotheca Flower Seeds - Non GMO
dimorpotheca mixed colors seed packet

Dimorphotheca Seeds - Mixed Colors


70-77 days. Mixed Colors dimorphotheca seeds promise a stunning and exotic African twist to the more traditional daisy cultivated in the United States. Mixed Colors seeds grow tidy 12-14" tall mounding African Daisies covered in radiant 2" tangerine, canary, and apricot shaded blooms. Dimorphotheca seeds are native to the demanding arid stretches of southern Africa and Namibia and are perfectly suited for a variety of similarly hot and challenging gardens. Mixed Colors African Daisy seeds boast some of summer's most gorgeous blooms and are a floral shop favorite to accent any seasonal arrangement, basket, or bouquet.


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