Indoor Herb Gardening Starter Guide

Worried about growing space?
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Wheatgrass, sprouting, and microgreens can be grown in a very small counter top space. Check out our kits page for all you need to get started!

Fresh Herbs All Year Long

Love to cook with fresh herbs? We do too, but sometimes fresh herbs are expensive and hard to find. The solution is simple… grow your own! A permanent, year round crop of fresh herbs is fun to grow, delicious and doesn’t take much space indoors to grow. Compared to the cost of fresh herbs at the grocery store… growing you own is a no-brainer.

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What’s the Best Way to Get Started?

While most herbs are easy to grow, there are a few herbs that are much easier to grow if you know what you are doing. Our line of herb garden starter kits has taken all the guess work out of getting started growing your own amazing herb garden outdoors during the growing season, or indoors all year long:

Culinary Herb Garden Kit

If you love to cook, this is a great way to grow your own fresh herbs: Culinary Herb Garden Kit.

Medicinal Herb Kit

Try the Medicinal Herb Garden for the ultimate healing herbs: Medicinal Herb Kit.

If you are looking for just the planters, be sure to check out our selection of innovative indoor / outdoor herb garden planters.

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Why Grow My Own Herbs?
  • Spiritual Strength – Sometimes in our modern society it’s easy become disconnected from our food sources. You can easily reconnect in spring by growing your own vegetable garden, but growing your own herbs indoors, all year long, is a great way to maintain that indefinable, spiritual connection to your world by growing at least a little bit of your own food.
  • Fun Hobby – While some herbs are easy to grow, some are a little more challenging, making indoor herb gardening hobby with just enough challenge to make it interesting without being frustrating.
  • Beautify Your Home – Herbs are gorgeous plants that have one major benefit over standard house plants… you can pick them and use them, whether it’s culinary herbs for cooking, medicinal herbs for healing, or herbs for teas, an indoor herb garden is beautiful, different and useful. Prepare to get lots of comments and questions from your house guests. It takes very little space and can even be done on a kitchen countertop or windowsill.
grow your own herb garden

  • Inexpensive – Most fresh herbs from the market are usually several dollars an ounce. You can grow your own fresh herbs for pennies an ounce!
  • Always Fresh – If you have ever brought home fresh herbs from the market you probably have found that you didn’t use all that you bought. Growing your own allows you to harvest only what you need, when you need it. You’ll have a permanent source of fresh, delicious herbs… always at their peak of freshness.
  • Food Storage – Any excess herbs you grow can easily be dried and stored for your long term food supply. You can also keep fresh herb seeds so that if the zombie apocalypse ever comes, having sources of freshly grown herbs will make an unbearable situation a little more pleasant.
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    Storing & Drying Herbs

    Once you start growing herbs, you’ll find that most herbs will grow quickly and you’ll have more than you thought. The next logical step is harvesting and drying your herbs to make your own all natural spice rack! The process of drying herbs usually intensifies the flavor of herbs, and dry herbs have a fantastic shelf life. When you compare your own dried herbs to the cost of herbs and spices at the supermarket, it’s an attractive approach. You can hang dry your herbs in a dry place in your home, or you can look at an electric or solar food dehydrator.

    • Hanging Food Pantrie And innovative, expensive non-electric food dryer. Perfect for drying your herbs, fruits and vegetables. A solar dehydrator is a common sense addition to your emergency food storage supply.
    • Electric Food Dehydrators - Check our selection of electric food dehydrators with a variety of sizes and options.
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    Herb Gardening Gift Ideas

    Our line of herb garden kits are amazingly popular as gifts. We sell many thousands every Christmas season, and Mother’s day. They make unique gift for any occasion.

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