Growing Peppermint Herb Seed

  • Days to Maturity: Perennial
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9
  • Planting Depth: Sprinkle on top of soil
  • Plant Spacing: 18-24”
  • Growth Habit: Upright/Spread
  • Soil Preference: Light and well-drained
  • Temp Preference: Warm
  • Light Preference: Full sun to partial shade
  • Color: Green-red leaves with pink flowers
  • Flavor: Cool mint

Sowing and Growing

Sow peppermint seeds inside in early spring. Press lightly into the soil, but do not cover, as light aids germination. Pinch young plants to promote growth and transplant outside when the weather is warm. Plant in partial shade in hot areas and give consistent water. Make sure to use a very large pot or place peppermint in the garden where spreading is not a problem!


Peppermint expands quickly, so harvesting throughout its growth is key. For peak flavor, harvest just before flowering, while fresh leaves can be used anytime during the growing season. Dry in bunches or individual peppermint leaves. Store whole leaves for minty flavor. Uses include teas, sweets and potpourri. Try adding this herb to a hot simple syrup. Let peppermint cool and store in the fridge for a great addition to summer drinks!

Explore these Peppermint Herb Seed Varieties:

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