Hyssop Herb Growing Guide

Growing Hyssop Herb Seed

  • Days to Maturity: Perennial
  • Hardiness Zone: 3-9
  • Planting Depth: 1/4"
  • Plant Spacing: 12-18”
  • Growth Habit: Upright
  • Soil Preference: Well-drained, dry and rich in compost
  • Temp Preference: Warm
  • Light Preference: Full sun
  • Color: Green stems with purple and blue flowers
  • Flavor: Minty aroma and menthol taste

Sowing and Growing

Sow hyssop seeds indoors in late winter to transplant in the spring. You can also direct-sow in rich, dry and well-drained soil with added compost. Germination takes about 2 weeks. Hyssop can grow up to 2’ high. Prune lightly after flowering and keep deep pruning for the spring after growth has begun.


Harvest hyssop leaves anytime during the season with or without flowers. Infuse into a tea, add the flowers to a salad or use as a cake decoration. Hyssop makes a great addition in potpourri! Dry in a cool dark place for winter use.

Additional Information on Hyssop Herb

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