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Great selection of microgreens seed mixes. Growing these seeds together can create an exciting flavor or color experience. For example, the yellow, red, and white stalks of the rainbow Swiss chard mix present a striking flare of color that is perfect for harvesting together. Other popular mixes feature a blend of colors, including green, purple, and white coloration either in the stems or leaves.

See our Microgreens Grow Guide for helpful growing tips.

Legend: H for Heirloom, O for Organic, A for AAS Winner, F for staff favorites
Basic Salad Microgreen Mix GrownNon-GMO Basic Salad Mix Bulk Close up seed
HeirloomOrganicStaff Favorite
colorful radish micro greenscolorful radish microgreens seed mix
12 Variety Pack Microgreens Sampler12 Variety Pack Microgreens Sampler With People
Staff Favorite
colorful mustard microgreens seed mixcut colorful mustard microgreens
Fresh and Flavorful Microgreens
Amaranth Microgreens
Sold Out
Sold Out
ultimate hydroponic microgreens mixultimate hydroponic mix white background
Sold Out
colorful basil micro greenscolorful basil microgreen seed mix
Sold Out