Cover Crop Inoculant - Pea, Vetch, Bean, and Lentils


Mountain Valley Seed Company cover crop seed inoculant is a reliable and safe powder inoculant full of essential rhizobia bacteria for all pea, vetch, and lentil cover crops to increase the transfer of nitrogen back into depleted soils. Legume cover crops are vital to both home gardens and commercial farming because they repair damaged and depleted soils between growing seasons for future crops to offer more abundant harvests while minimizing weeds, erosion, and soil-borne diseases. Although legume crops naturally perform this on their own, the rhizobia bacteria from the inoculant increases nodules on the roots that are more receptive to nitrogen fixation within the soil.

Cover Crop Inoculant - Pea, Vetch, Bean, and Lentil

Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar vioeae

Legume inoculation is the process of adding commercially available rhizobia bacteria to boost the rate of these nodules which are directly responsible for nitrogen replenishing. Even when planting in ideal fertile and Organic soil, not all soils will have the sufficient rhizobia bacteria to enable the legumes to perform their best.

This current batch of inoculant expires 05/01/2023. Be sure to seal the bag between uses.

Keep in mind that this inoculant contains the strain of rhizobia that will work with Peas, Vetch Seeds, and Lentil Seeds. To inoculate soybean cover crops, you'll need to use Soybean Inoculant. To inoculate Alfalfa and Clover, you'll need to use our Alfalfa/Clover Inoculant

There are essentially three reasons why legume cover crop seeds will require artificial inoculation:

  • If legume seed being planted has not been sown in the grow space for 3-5 years and the soil may be lacking essential rhizobia.
  • If sowing legumes in a field or grow space that has never been tilled or cultivated.
  • If legumes have been successfully sown prior, but the crop and subsequent yields did not seem to have benefited much from the legume cover crop.

Inoculate Pea, Lentil, and Vetch Legume Seeds in 4 Easy Steps:

1. Pour the desired amount of legume seed in a large mixer, bucket, or container

2. Pour water into the mixer and mix to moisten seeds so inoculant can stick to seeds.

3. Pour the amount of inoculant needed into the container and mix thoroughly.

4. Plant seeds within 12 hours before the inoculant wears off.

Inoculant to seed chart

POWDER INOCULANT FOR LEGUME COVER CROPS - Mountain Valley Company powder inoculant for legume and cover crop seeds to boost future harvests, yields, and quality. Legume powder inoculant ensures cover crops develop root nodules in the soil to most efficiently convert nitrogen back into the soil.

LEGUME INOCULANT FOR PEA, BEAN, FAVA, LENTIL - Mountain Valley Seed Company powder inoculant is a specialized blend of rhizobia bacteria for cover crop seeds and legume seeds such as hairy vetch seeds, lentil seeds, fava bean seeds, broad bean seeds, garden pea seeds, and field pea seeds.

BENEFITS OF LEGUME COVER CROP SEEDS - Cover crop seeds are grown year-round to repair soils for future sowing. Legume cover crops seeds convert essential nitrogen back into the soil while providing increased soil tilth to aid weed suppression, root structure, watering, and soil-borne diseases.

ALL-SEASON LEGUME POWDER INOCULANT - Legume cover crops are sown between growing seasons to repair poor, deficient soils. Legume powder inoculant enables these beneficial cover crop seeds the best chance to take root in depleted soils to prepare the grow space for future growing seasons.

PRODUCT OF USA - NON-GMO COVER CROP SEEDS - Our Mountain Valley Seed Company customer service, workforce, and products are proudly based in the US along with our Organic and non-GMO cover crops seeds, non-GMO culinary herbs, and non-GMO vegetable seeds being sustainably, responsibly sourced.

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