Dundale Pea Cover Crop Seed
Dundale Pea Cover Crop Seed
Non-GMO Dundale Pea Cover Crop Seed

Dundale Pea - Cover Crop Seeds


60-70 Days. Pisum sativum subsp. arvense. Non-GMO. Heirloom. Open-Pollinated. Often known as "field pea" or simply "Dun pea", the non-GMO Dundale pea is a popular cool-weather cover crop, widely grown for its nitrogen-replenishing benefits and fertile, all-natural springtime "green manure". Although an ancient old-world heirloom, Dun pea annual seeds are in a renaissance as an essential cover crop, heirloom sprouting seed, and non-GMO microgreens variety. Dundale pea is open-pollinated and quick to mature 24-48" tall as a classic vining field pea that will produce all season long while restoring essential nutrients to depleted garden soils. Wholesale seed packets and bulk sizes. ~125 seeds/oz.

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