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84-91 days. Summer Sun heliopsis seeds grow a playful, robust, and familiar looking perennial that can be sown among sunflowers and wildflowers. Summer Sun seeds grow hardy, drought tolerant heliopsis reaching as high as 36-72 inch tall with golden ruffled 2-3 inch daisy-like blooms. Often called "False Sunflower", Summer Sun seeds are an ideal and leggy grow to highlight the back of a garden, fence, siding, or any wide open space. Summer Sun seeds promise well-branched heliopsis blooms that are a floral shop favorite used to brightly excite any seasonal fresh cut arrangement, basket, or bouquet.


Growing Summer Sun Heliopsis Garden Seeds

Summer Sun heliopsis seeds are generally fast, easy to grow and most commonly sown directly outdoors, but seeds are a unique perennial and will benefit from an 8-10 week start indoors prior to the final frost. Germination will take about 14-21 days with full lighting. Press 3-4 Summer Sun heliopsis seeds into soil without covering 24-36 inches apart in average, medium dry, and well-drained soil in full sun. Summer Sun heliopsis is known to thrive in poor and sandy soils. Growth is vigorous, yet can be unpredictable with a 36-72 inch difference between the tallest and shortest of mature plants. Plan your garden accordingly and plant all Summer Sun seeds at the north end of the garden. Plants have some resistance to downey and powdery mildew. No serious pests, but monitor occasionally for red aphids. Summer Sun heliopsis seeds mature in 84-91 days as 36-72 inch tall bushy uprights with a 24-36 inch spread of well-branched 2-3 inch golden ruffled daisy-like heads.

Heliopsis scabra, or sometimes referred to as Ox Eye, False Sunflower, or simply Heliopsis, is native to eastern and central North America including much of Newfoundland and Saskatchewan all the way down into Georgia and Texas. Plants in the genus Heliopsis are both similar in appearance and closely related to those in the genus Helianthus (true sunflower). Heliopsis scabra has been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society"s Award of Garden Merit.

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