Heuchera Seeds - Melting Fire


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2nd Year Maturity. Melting Fire heuchera seeds are a simple, durable, yet vibrant grow ideal for many temperate and moist gardens. Melting Fire seeds mature into 10-15 inch tall clumping mounds boasting deep shades of red, burgundy, and merlot perfect for trimming a walkway, border, fence, or patio. Melting Fire heuchera is native to the Pacific Northwest's warm, humid winters and will thrive perennially in many similar gardens. Melting Fire seeds mix well in rock gardens, slopes, riverbanks, and anywhere other plants may fail to establish.


Growing Melting Fire Heuchera Garden Seeds

Melting Fire heuchera seeds grow to be hardy perennials and most commonly sown directly outdoors after the frost. For earliest starts, begin indoors 6-8 weeks prior. Heuchera seeds can be slow to germinate and will require about 21-28 days in full light. Press 7-8 Melting Fire heuchera seeds into soil without covering 18 inches apart in hummusy, Organically rich, and well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Melting Fire heuchera is a hardy and tolerant perennial with no known susceptibilities to disease or insects. Do not let soil dry as heuchera thrives in consistently moist and fertile conditions and will require as much moisture as sunlight it receives. Plants will benefit from some shade in gardens with intense summers. Melting Fire heuchera seeds are perennials that mature in their second year as 10-18 inch tall spreading mounds with a 12-15 inch reach of 3-5 inch leaves in deep shades of red, burgundy, and merlot.

Heuchera, or commonly known as Coral Bells or simply heuchera, is native to the Pacific Northwest from British Columbia down into Northern California. Heuchera grows along steep and rocky cliffs, slopes, and mountainsides and produces a thin yet tall 36 inch flowering spike that most gardeners clip because heuchera is most popularly grown for its uniquely red and burgundy leaves rather than thin faint white blooms.

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