Bachelors Buttons Seeds - Mixed Colors


77 " 91 days. Bachelor's Buttons Flower Seeds. AKA: Cornflower. Annual. Mixed Colors Bachelor's Buttons flower seeds are a convenient and easy summertime grow perfect for kids, indoors, or wild unkept spaces. These flower seeds mature into a robust 18 " 24" tall bushy uprights stemming with unique 1" pop-pom blooms in a seasonal mix of purple, white, magenta, lavender, and rose. Bachelor's buttons are an ideal grow for adding charm to window boxes, rock gardens, hanging baskets, or as a dazzling border to a flower bed. Mixed Colors bachelor's buttons seeds thrive in a variety of cool gardens and promise to keep your vegetables healthy and abundant by attracting important pollinators all season long.


Growing Mixed Colors Bachelor's Buttons Flower Garden Seeds

Centaurea cyanus, or more commonly known as Bachelor's Buttons or Cornflower, is native to cool and temperate cornfields across Europe, hence the name Cornflower, but has since been naturalized throughout many similar climates across the world. Bachelor's buttons flowers are popularly dried and used in herbal teas and blends. The cornflower has an extensive history across Europe having served as the basis for a variety of national symbols, political parties, folklore, inspirations, and ornamentations.

Mixed Colors Bachelor Buttons flower seed mix. Annual. 

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