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70 " 77 days. Ornamental Plant. Edible. Early Splendor Amaranthus seeds are a stunning, simple, and exotic tropical grow ideal for many hot and humid gardens. Early Splendor Amaranthus grows 24 " 36" tall mounds of radiant magenta and chocolate leaves perfect for ornamental highlighting patios, borders, fences, or walkways. Early Splendor Amaranthus is native to the sweltering tropics and will thrive all summer in similar gardens. Early Splendor Amaranthus is an indoor seasonal favorite ornamental plant for accenting any living room, bedroom, or office.


Growing Early Splendor Amaranthus Ornamental Plant Seeds

Although Amaranthus tricolor is technically native to the tropics of South America, the plant has since been naturalized throughout most of the world"s tropics and has become a favorite in many different countries" diets. Amaranthus is also known as "“Edible Amaranthus" and grown as a vegetable in Korea, India, Bangladesh, and the Caribbean. Amaranthus is also celebrated and grown worldwide for being able to convert CO2 at a much higher rate of efficiency that many other plants.

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