Cress - Curled

Seed Amount:

Annual. Also called Garden Cress or Peppergrass. Ruffled leaves have a peppery and refreshing flavor. Used in salad or sandwiches as baby greens, they add texture and visual interest. Harvest as sprouts in starting around 6 to 8 days.

Growing Curled Cress Microgreens

Curled Cress Seeds
Seeding: Approx 1 Oz for a 10"x20" tray
Seed Presoak: No (mulilaginous)
Growing Medium: hydroponic or soil
Preferred Medium: hydroponic for microgreens, soil for baby salad greens
Germination Rate: high
Germination Time: 3 to 4 days
Microgreens Harvest time: 8 to 12 days
Microgreens Ideal Harvest: 10 days
Baby Salad Harvest: 16+ days
Micro Greens Color: green
Micro Greens Flavor: intense peppery, hint of sweet

Seed Uses:

  • Microgreens & baby salad greens
  • Garnishes & sandwiches
  • Sprouting
  • Survival food storage
  • Gardening
  • Cooking & seasoning
  • More

Notes & Growing Tips: Curled Cress is a mucilaginous seed. It prefers considerably less water in the sprouting stage than most other microgreens seeds. If the seeds get too wet, you will end up with a very low germination rate. Use less water initially in the tray (half a cup, instead of 2 cups of pH balanced water). Instead of soaking the grow pad and flipping it, just lay the grow pad in the tray on top of the water. Use the mist bottle to evenly dampen the top surface (seeds should stick and not bounce when sowing). Once you have spread the seed evenly over the dampened grow pad, mist all the seeds, but not as thoroughly as other seeds. Germinate in the blackout dome as normal, but mist more frequently (3 times a day), but with less mist in each application. The goal is to keep the seeds damp but not wet/soggy. You may need to experiment with a few crops to get it right.

Cress has an interesting shaped leaf that is green in color. The peppery flavor is intense. The peppery taste of cress is stronger than any other micro. Just a little cress goes a long way.

***Note: Although we have indicated the specific medium that this particular seed prefers, you can still experiment with either soil or hydroponic mediums. Results may vary.

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