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Stevia rebaudiana Annual in cold climates. 40 to 60 days. Non-GMO, Heirloom Sweet Stevia Herb Garden Seed from True Leaf Market. Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia is a warm perennial often planted as an annual in cold climates. Native to South America, Sweet Stevia plants yield an abundant crop with bright-green leaves and an Organic sweet flavor"as its steviol glycosides are a natural alternative to refined sugar! Stevia contains zero calories and has been used to make medicinal herbal teas.

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Sweet Stevia Herb Garden Seeds

Read Full Stevia Herb Growing Guide Instructions

Sweet Stevia Herb Growing Habits

Non-GMO (Stevia rebaudiana) stevia plants grow as warm perennial herbs reaching up 1-3" high and 18" wide. Sweet Stevia produces through mid-summer to early fall. Once plants reach maturity, stevia develops bright-green fuzzy leaves"providing naturally sweet flavor with mild licorice. Sweet Stevia grows until hot conditions set in and should be harvested prior to their buds fully opening. By late summer, stevia blooms small white flowers as they go to seed, while going dormant in the winter.

The Natural Sweetener Uses of Sweet Stevia Garden Herb & Seed

As the dried or fresh bright-green leaves of Sweet Stevia are often used to sweeten herbal teas, there are a variety of foods and beverages that can be sweetened, such as coffee or oatmeal! Blend up leaves of stevia to add to fruit smoothies. You can easily make Sweet Stevia extract with 1 cup of water and ½ of chopped up leaves. Bring both to a simmer, steep for 30 minutes, strain the stevia leaves and store extract in a jar for up to 3 weeks.

The Medicinal Benefits of Growing Sweet Stevia Garden Herb

As stevia is native to South America, this sweet plant has been used for centuries as medicinal herbal tea. The fresh and astringent sweet leaves of stevia have also been consumed to help lower blood pressure, regulate appetite and even treat diabetes. Due to its natural-sweetener properties called steviol glycosides, Sweet Stevia is an ideal alternative to refined sugar and is known to also help prevent the risk of cavities!

Sweet Stevia Garden Herb Seeds Per Package:

  • 1 g - Approximately 530 Seeds
  • 1 oz - Approximately 15,000 Seeds
  • 4 oz - Approximately 60,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Approximately 240,000 Seeds
  • 5 lbs - Approximately 1,200,000 Seeds

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