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Soybean Seeds

Soybean Seeds

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Soybeans (aka soya bean, soy bean, soja bean) are shell beans originating in asia. They are high in protein, and are ultra versatile used in fermentation, soymilk, tofu and countless other culinary uses.

Soybeans are also known as edamame depending on the stage at which they are harvested. Edamame is considered the young pod that is often included in stir-fry dishes. Soybeans are mature dried pods. Soybeans can be a greatly beneficial crop to your garden as it is a legume. Legumes are famous for their nitrogen-fixing properties. This means they help nitrogen in the soil to become usable by plants via the nodules in their root systems. Besides the pod soybeans are also used for oil, animal feed, biodiesel, and various fiber applications. When growing soybeans be sure to plant after the last danger of frost has passed as they like warm soils.

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