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Nov 28
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Garden Bed Flowers

We have expanded the sizes our flowers are available in. What does this mean for you? You can now find your favorite flower seed offered in packages as small as a paper packet, or as large as a 5 pound bag. The number of sizes available for any given flower will vary depending on availability. We hope this change will empower you to make your outdoor spaces a place that you want to linger in and enjoy throughout the seasons.

True Leaf Market Flower Seeds

You can find flowers for any purpose including bedding plants, cut flower gardens, attracting pollinators, wildflowers, edible flowers, and tailored flower seed assortments available at True Leaf Market. With our expanded size offerings you can hand select what flowers you want and have the ability to grow everything for your garden from seed.

For growing several bedding plants, use a 288 Plug Tray Insert to get your seeds germinated and rooting out. Then transplant them either into their final container, a 3.5 inch pot, 4 cell Tray, 6 cell Tray, or start your seeds with this starter set. To maintain a more humid growing environment for your seedlings, use a humidity dome cover.

Starting your seeds in trays ahead of time allows you to grow them inside before your growing season starts. Outdoor weather can vary making it unpredictable for seed starting. By starting seeds indoors you can control the growing factors ensuring optimal growing conditions. Make the most of your blooms by transplanting flower seeds in the spring. You will enjoy larger, healthier plants throughout the season.

Wildflower Seeds

We offer a variety of flowers suitable for growing across the United States. To better fit your growing area, we have formulated several wildflower mixes that can be easily grown in flower beds, fields, or gifted in beautifully designed packets. You can even support a good cause by supporting Monarch Joint Venture, a conservation organization, with every Save The Monarchs Wildflower Mix purchase. You can find all 6 Wildflower mixes in their gift-ready packaging in our National Wildflower Collection. Are you interested in attracting more pollinators to your garden? Try one of the mixes listed below for easy planting, beautiful blooms, and more excitement in your garden.

Edible Flowers

Flowers aren’t just for looking pretty. Many are also edible and delicious in a variety of culinary dishes. Try growing your own edible flowers with our Edible Flowers Seed Mix, Chef's Specialty Assortment, or select your own. You can find a list of flowers and some additional information on our Edible Flowers blog.

Flower Baskets

One of my favorite sights during the spring and summer months are beautiful hanging baskets of cascading flowers. Our line of Bloom Master baskets are designed to deliver an impressive display of flowers from every side of the basket. Find the perfect size for you with options including 2 gallon, 3 gallon, 4 gallon, and 6 gallon baskets. Planter boxes are also available.

Start your baskets off right with our new Bloom Master Water Retention Hanging Basket Kits. These kits are made with our unique combination of Minute Soil +, Retain water retention crystals, perlite, and a sturdy basket for show stopping flowers. Unlike your traditional baskets, this Bloom Master kit includes soil that is less prone to drying out allowing your blooms to impress through hot and dry summers. When all the plugs are filled, you’ll have too many flowers blooming to even see your basket!

Bloom Master Water Retention Hanging Basket Kit

Become a True Leaf Market Brand Ambassador! You’ll enjoy awesome perks, free products and exclusive swag & offers! Help us create a gardening revolution and help others experience the joy of growing!

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Last year was one of my first to incorporate flowers into the garden, they added such beautiful colors and drew in so many pollinaters!

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