Bloom Master Hanging Basket Soil Kit
Bloom Master Hanging Basket Soil Kit

Bloom Master Water Retention Hanging Basket Kits


Hanging planter baskets are a beautiful way to plant and display flowers, herbs, leafy vegetables, strawberries, and more. BUT WHAT IS THE BIG PROBLEM? Hanging baskets dry out quickly, requiring frequent watering. Bloom Master has solved this problem maximum water retention basket & soil mix kit in mind!

Each Basket Kit Includes:

  • Bloom Master Hanging Basket - See below for details on size and features.
  • Minute Soil Plus - Amended, compressed coconut coir grow medium infused with NPK, trace minerals, worm castings & Mycorrhizae. Add water to expand. Sustainable, renewable, peat-free, high water holding grow medium.
  • Perlite - Mix pre-measured perlite into the expanded Minute Soil for additional aeration, water retention, and cold insulation for roots.
  • Retain Water Retention Crystals - a safe and easy-to-use soil additive made of water-absorbing ingredients (cross-linked polyacrylate, bentonite clay, lava rock, and silicates) that absorb up to 40x its own weight in water. Retain increases the water-holding capacity of soil by up to 60%.

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