Tray Insert - 288 Plug


288 Common Element Standard Vacuum Plug Tray - Made from BPA free polystyrene, each sheet of these seed starter greenhouse plug tray inserts has 288 independent planting cells in a 12 cell by 24 cell configuration. No perforations, not intended to break apart. Each cell has a central drain hole.

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Tray Insert - 288 Plug For Seed Starting

Each cell measures 1.06 inches in depth and .81 inches square at the lip. A full sheet of 288 cells measures 10.25 inches wide and 20.5 inches long. (Slightly larger than your standard tray.) Each Cell has a max volume capacity of: Approx .7 cubic inches.

  • 288 Cells Per Sheet - 12 x 24 configuration - With Drain Holes
  • BPA Free Polystyrene - No Perforations
  • Each Cell Measures 1.06 Inches Deep and .81 Inches Square at the Rim
  • Each Full Sheet Measures 10.25 Inches by 20.5 Inches at the Rim
  • Sturdy - Can Be Re-used - Seed Starter Plug Tray Inserts - Square plug tray can be used with most automatic seeders and transplanters

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