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May 16
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Perennials for Moist and Dry Soils

What are Perennials?

Perennials are plants that flower and set seeds for two or more seasons. Many people like growing perennials because they reduce the amount of planting that takes place from year to year. Wherever you live, there are plenty of perennial options. Below we have outlined popular choices for dry and moist soils.

Understanding your soils is the best way to make plant selections that will do well for years to come. Before planting, it is wise to test your soil to best know how to amend it before you plant. If you aren’t familiar with the soil testing process, Utah State University outlines the steps for collecting your samples. Submit your soil for testing with a local state university extension office. Soil test results often include recommendations to balance soil nutrients, information to understand soil composition, and details of microbial activity.

These plants are ideal for areas where the soil tends to stay on the dry side. To be clear, these plants still need water throughout the season. But they will perform well in dry climates. Many of these options are drought tolerant once well established. If you want to keep a low-maintenance garden, these perennials are the way to go.

Perennials for Moist Soils

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Moist soils are typically harder to grow in as high moisture levels often lead to root rot and other common pest or disease issues. Choosing plants that like to have ‘wet feet’ is the key to success. Each of these plants will thrive in moist soils as many of them enjoy tree-covered shade areas for cooler temperatures and higher moisture levels. I recommend utilizing perennials such as these to help regulate soil moisture levels.

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