Thyme - Organic herb Seed
Thyme - Organic herb Seed
Thyme Seeds (Organic) - Packet
Thyme Seeds (Organic) - Bulk

- Also known as English Thyme, this common variety is one of the hardiest and most tolerant for classic garden use.

Common Thyme Seeds (Organic)


Certified Organic. Non-GMO. Perennial. 85 days. Non-GMO, Heirloom Organic Common Thyme Herb Garden Seed from True Leaf Market. Genus Thymus. Common Thyme is a cold hardy perennial that grows as a trailing shrub. Native to the Mediterranean, Organic thyme develops sage-green leaves producing earthy, floral flavor similar to rosemary"as it is an evergreen member of the mint family! Organic Common Thyme thrives during the summer as an aromatic herb popular for its gardening benefits and timeless versatility.

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