Armeria Maritima Seeds - Splendens Bright Rose
Armeria Maritima Seeds - Splendens Bright Rose
Armeria Flower Seeds - GMO Free - Perennial

- Armeria maritima is also known as thrift or sea pink and is used for its compact habit and display of small pink to white flowers.

Armeria Seeds - Maritima Series


2nd Year Maturity. Perennial Ground Cover Flower Seeds. Maritima Series Armeria seeds grow some of the season's most vigorous and exclusive blooms, boasting exotic globe-shaped Armeria bulbs. Armeria is a hardy perennial and low-maintenance staple flower in many xeriscaped rock gardens and commercial properties. Maritima Series Armeria is native to the world's coastal regions and famously thrives in dry, poor, and infertile soils. Maritima Armeria seeds are an ideal grow to splash among wildflower mixes, untamed meadows, and many wide open spaces.


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